The Great Gatsby

In the book The Great Gatsby, A quote that occurred in the beginning of the chapter stated, “Personality is an unbroken series of gestures.” What this means is that the way you act around the people with you shows who you really are. Personality tells everything about a person and why they are who they are. People lie about their personality because they act different around other people. For example, a kid acts nice to his or her parents to show them respect, but when he or she goes to school with their friends it is a total different story. He would act all cool and be disrespectful to the teacher to show that he is all that or intimidate her. Friends can make your personality because it will alter through period of times where people try to change who they are for someone they aren’t. It is very sad to see people changing into more of the worse instead of people trying to be good and stay themselves to have a better life. Should someone’s personality really base off of someone else’s need or should It be based off yourself and the future that lies ahead of you? It’s troublesome for people to change because they don’t know what they are doing, they are just following the people who “think” they know what they are doing. Personality is a big key to truly understand who they are and once you found out their personality you can read them like a book. You will eventually think alike that person and be inside them, finally understanding who that person is.

Harsh Lives of Migrant Farmers

Everyone should read Kizno’s blog because it talks about the reality of what is going on in the world and how we should help it or do something to change the world. His blogs talk about how society is today and how we need to improve it instead of do nothing to help. Everything he talks about is true to us and we know it, but decide to avoid reality and go into our own world where we get everything we want. Deep down inside we all know we don’t get our perfect world. But we can help change it for the younger generation for them to develop a better society and world


Migrant farmers are a group of people in California who had lost their farms in places like Oklahoma due to the dust bowl, and were forced to move away. They now migrate from farm to farm and work very hard for many farms, and do not get much out of it.




These are a few pictures of how they have to work and their bad working conditions. These pictures were taken from THIS ARTICLE describing the lives of migrant farmers, and this word should be spread. These farmers are unnoticed people that are in need of help.

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Where Do Our Food Come From?

Have you ever wondered where our food came from? And about how the people who get the food for us work and how their lives are just to feed us? They are called migrant workers or farmers where they work on a farm to grow crops for us. But the problem is that they do not have one place to stay or go to, instead they move to place and place every day or other day. Migrant farmers work hard every time to get the crops growing and able to get it to us where it is safe to eat. No one has really thought about how we get our food, all we care about is what the food tastes like and if it will be good.

What’s happening to us? 

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Asian Noodles

There are a variety of Asian noodles and one of the more common ones are the Wonton noodles which are a yellowish brown color, but is more yellow. This noodle is only or should be eaten with wontons which are like dumplings kind of but has less of the wonton paper with a whole bunch of meat filled inside of it than a regular dumpling. The reason why the noodle is yellow is because it goes with the combination of the wonton where the noodle has the soft texture to it. The dough that is prepared for the noodles has eggs mixed into it which gives it the yellow color and the chewiness that it adds to the noodles. The egg gives the noodles extra flavor. These noodles are well for soaking up all the spices added to the dish along with the broth inside of it to give it a more warmful delight.

Where to find them?

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Everyone’s First Fast Food

Everyone has tried fast food because we are lazy to make our own food. But there is one particular fast food that everyone loves, but dies to and that is McDonald’s. I remember the first time my dad took me out to eat McDonald’s and the first thing I had ever tasted there was the Chicken McNuggets. I am pretty sure that is what everyone’s first tasted at McDonald’s because it is the most famous and the best tasting. When i took my first bite, it was like soul food. The texture was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

It comes together

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The Twist to Perfect French Fries

7 Leaves Cafe - $2.50 garlic fries - BOMB - Tustin, CA, United States

Have you ever tried french fries before? I’m pretty sure you have, but the point is, have you ever tried garlic fries? If not then you are completely missing out because the reason being is  that garlic fries give heat to the dish. But if you dip it in ketchup then the spice is brought down. Garlic fries is getting pretty popular now especially at like boba places. I recently been to a boba place and it had wonderful garlic fries which i just kept on eating and eating nonstop. Once you take that first bite, you just want to keep on going and going. It really feels you up, but be careful because if you get a bite with all the garlic in it then it will burn your mouth.

Why try some?

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Stolen Bread

File:Bánh mì.jpg

If you have not heard of banh mi, it is a vietnamese sandwich that uses a French bread. And you put meat and vegetables into that sandwich just like any ordinary sandwich, but the French bread is what brings makes that sandwich so different from other ones. The baguette is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, but the crunchiness is what makes the taste so unique. For banh mi, you can put any meat you want into it, but my favorite is pork roll with eggs. It will get a little messy though because the egg yolk will start dripping all over without you knowing because all you will be focusing on is the wonderful, delicious taste that it will bring. There are a variety of sandwiches that you might or might not like, so try other combinations and maybe you will find one that you will like. Every combination is filled with delicious vegetables and meats with sauce that bring in extra flavor in the sandwich.

How and where to get them?

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The Instant Cook

If you don’t know what a hot pot  is; a hot pot is a steamy bowl filled with spicy sauce where you put in meats and other necessities in to cook them. At Tofu Houses’, there are hot pots where you can put egg in there and then it will be cooked in a couple of minutes, also you can put like some beef or pork in there to cook them, but will take a little longer. The sauce that is in the hot pot is usually spicy with cuman spice. There can be red chili peppers in their and when you look at the hot pot, it is always red and yellow. There are a variety of hot pots around the world such as Vientamese, Korean, and Mongolian.

Which is the best? 

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The Little Burrito

Spring rolls are widely eaten by Vietnamese people because of the unique taste it brings. You can make spring rolls differently because it is basically like a burrito, but smaller. It is wrapped around in rice paper, where you can fill it in with different meats and vegetables. What kind? The more commonly wide known are…It is better if you come up with your own. The reason being is because there are a whole bunch of different combinations, but eating the originals can be boring while you can make one by yourself and have a twist with it that no one has ever made. Go buy some rice paper and vegetables and some meat to make your own spring roll. Try combinations that you like yourself already in some other dishes maybe.

How would you like it?

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Have you ever wondered what Rice Porridge tastes like?

Rice porridge is often eaten a lot by Vietnamese people when they are sick because it is just like soup but better in my opinion. There is ginger in the porridge which helps with your sickness and brings a lot of flavor and taste into it. There is also tons of black pepper which also helps and can sometimes over power the porridge if you do not mix it in properly. You can either have the rice porridge plain with nothing in it or with fish or chicken in it; my personal favorite is having fish in it because it is the best to me. Rice porridge has a unique taste because it is slimy like a liquid but with rice and other necessities filled in it. But if you put soy sauce it, it enhances the flavor of the whole dish.

What does rice porridge really taste like?

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